Ductless Mini Splits Let You Individualize Your Comfort

If you are looking for personalized comfort, consider ductless mini splits for your San Diego home.  

These versatile heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems consist of an outdoor condenser and one or more indoor air handlers. A small conduit housing the condensate drain, suction tubing, refrigerant tubing, and power cable connects the two units.

You can dial the air conditioning down in the family room and simultaneously crank it up in the kitchen as you cook. Or enjoy less heat while sitting near the living room fireplace and toastier temperatures in north-facing bedrooms. 

Let Carrier Cooling Center help you find an HVAC expert to discuss how a ductless mini split can enhance your comfort. We work with Factory Authorized Carrier Dealers in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas. These installation pros can recommend the best ductless mini split for your comfort and budget.  

Ducted vs. Ductless

If you use radiant floor heat or a hydronic system for heating your Bay Area home, a ductless mini split is the best way to add cooling. With a ductless mini split, you do not have to install ductwork, and you gain a system that you can tailor from room to room.  

A traditional ducted (HVAC) system delivers warm or cool air throughout your home. However, there is no option to adjust the temperature in individual rooms unless you install a zone control system that consists of ductwork dampers and a central control panel for room thermostats.

Ductless allows you to add multiple air handlers throughout your home. Doing so creates zoning since each air handler has a separate thermostat.

Are you planning an addition, or remodeling unused space? Ductless systems are a perfect way to supplement your existing HVAC equipment. Provide heating and air conditioning to an enclosed porch, garage, guest house, or home addition without the need to extend your ductwork. 

Ductless Mini Splits Save Money

If you don’t maintain ductwork, it eventually may crack and tear, creating an opening for insect or even rodent infestation.

Leaky ducts are inefficient. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), duct losses can account for more than 30 percent of energy consumption for space conditioning, especially if the ducts are in an unconditioned space such as an attic.

Duct leaks waste energy and increase your utility bill. Ductless mini splits avoid this costly problem.  

A ductless mini split also ends the thermostat war in your family if you opt for zoning. No one will fight over indoor temperature because everyone will be able to adjust the heat or cooling in their bedroom. That translates into savings because you only spend money conditioning the air in occupied areas of your El Paso home. 

Design Flexibility

Ductwork requires vents with registers or grilles in the walls or floors throughout your house. Air vents dictate where you can arrange the furniture in every room because if blocked, they restrict airflow.  

Carrier’s ductless mini split air handlers can be mounted on the wall or installed flush with the ceiling. A floor console also is available. Some air handlers are Wi-Fi–enabled, offer multi-speed fans, include remote control, and can sense a person in the room. 

Schedule Ductless Mini Split Installation 

When you schedule an appointment through our Carrier Cooling Center network, you can select a free gift of a Wi-Fi thermostat, an additional second year on your warranty, or an EZ Flex filter system. We work with Factory Authorized Carrier Dealers in Arizona, California, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas