Ductless Systems

Are you planning to convert your garage, attic, or basement into a cozy gathering space? A ductless system provides a practical solution to bring heating and air conditioning to those areas without the fuss of extending your ductwork.

A ductless mini split pairs an outdoor heat pump with an indoor air handler. These systems are easy to install compared to a conventional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Many homeowners rely on a ductless system to supplement areas where their central air conditioner cannot reach.

Want to learn more about ductless mini splits? Choose from our extensive list of Factory Authorized Carrier Dealers in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas for a free consultation. Our team has the expertise and equipment to install your next ductless mini split in any part of your home.

Book a service with one of our companies and select one of the following as a complimentary gift:

  • Free Wi-Fi Thermostat—Keep your home temperature just the way you want it, even when you're not home.
  • Additional Second Year on Your Warranty—Receive an extra 12 months on a service agreement that saves money and provides you with "Guaranteed Peace of Mind."
  • Upgraded Filter System—The EZ Flex system provides whole-house air filtration using a high-efficiency filter.

Find the Carrier dealer nearest to your home and schedule an appointment today. When you join the Carrier family, you enjoy top-notch customer service, quality products, and peace of mind knowing a trusted professional is watching over your HVAC system.

Ductless Installation and Replacement

Adding ductwork to your home can be time-consuming, expensive, and cumbersome, using up valuable storage space in many cases.

Ductless systems are easy to install. Your Authorized Factory Carrier Dealer will install one or more air handlers throughout your home and drill a small hole in the wall for the conduit connecting the indoor and outdoor units. Some advantages you'll enjoy with a ductless mini split include:

  • They are energy efficient—Many ductless systems have variable-speed air handlers that start at full speed and then switch to a lower speed when they reach a target temperature. Doing so saves money on your monthly utility bills.
  • They run quietly—A ductless system is much quieter than a conventional air conditioner because air is not moving through ductwork. The indoor unit can be installed on the wall, ceiling, or floor.
  • You can retrofit your older home—If your Central Valley home already has ductwork, our specialists will seal the registers so that pests, insects, dust, or other contaminants inside the ducts won't compromise your indoor air quality. This solution avoids the expense of having to pay to remove the old ductwork.
  • They work in cold weather—Some mini split models are more than capable of operating in sub-freezing weather. An air-source heat pump can struggle when temperatures fall below freezing.

Give one of our Factory Authorized Carrier Dealers a call today to learn how going ductless can reduce your energy use while increasing your comfort.

Can I Zone My Ductless System?

Ductless systems with multiple air handlers can create a zone control systems since each indoor unit has a thermostat. You can set different temperatures in each zone, meaning you'll never have to cool an empty room again!

Ductless Repairs

Ductless systems are exceptionally durable systems, especially when well-maintained. If there ever is a problem, our companies offer 24/7 emergency repair services to be there when you need us, along with accurate, upfront pricing to avoid any surprises.

If you hear a strange noise coming from your system or uneven temperatures throughout your home, give us a call. In many instances, our technicians will uncover a minor issue before it turns into a costly repair.

Ductless Maintenance

Enjoy some peace of mind by signing up for a Premium Protection Plan through your Carrier dealer. These plans offset the cost of repairs, tune-ups, labor, and parts. Our plans provide comprehensive protection against any unexpected mechanical features your ductless system might have during the life of the agreement. We'll even text or email a reminder when it is time to clean your filter!

Go Ductless Today

Are you interested in learning more about ductless mini splits? Give your nearest Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer a call today for a free consultation. Our companies at the Carrier Cooling Center are ready to help. Book your appointment today and enjoy a complimentary gift—along with unsurpassed service and great pricing.