Is HVAC Preventative Maintenance Worth It?

Want to know the best way to stop problems with your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system before they start? Create a preventative maintenance plan.

HVAC professionals know the many benefits of preventative maintenance—it’s why we strongly recommend scheduling service.

Don’t wait for problems to develop. Be proactive and find a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer on our site to help you. Let us save you a headache in the future by allowing us to evaluate your system’s health and uncover any potential issues that could progress. 

Benefits of HVAC Preventative Maintenance

In addition to providing peace of mind, there are plenty of benefits that come with opting for HVAC preventative maintenance services, including:

  • Encouraging efficient operation: When our team of professionals inspects and maintains your HVAC system, you can count on it to operate at peak capacity. Not only will maintenance keep your system in great condition—but it also supports an ideal level of comfort. Who wouldn’t want to maximize their indoor comfort?
  • Ensuring you remain in compliance with your manufacturer’s warranty: If you don’t routinely schedule HVAC preventative maintenance services, you may no longer be in compliance with your manufacturer’s warranty. This could pose a problem if you run into issues with your HVAC system and need to make a claim. Be sure to opt for preventative maintenance so you always remain compliant.
  • Cutting down your energy use: When your system operates at ideal efficiency, it uses the least amount of energy needed to reach your desired level of heating and cooling inside your home.
  • Saving you money: By HVAC maintenance services encouraging efficient operation, you’ll end up reducing your energy bills and your heating and cooling expenses. Enjoy the savings—it certainly pays to be proactive!
  • Reducing the risk of potentially expensive repairs: If there are any looming issues with your system, our professionals will handle them immediately. Schedule an inspection, and avoid watching a small problem turn into a major one.
  • Improving your indoor air quality (IAQ): A well-maintained HVAC system, along with a clean filter, provides a stronger airflow. Doing so reduces the number of contaminants circulating throughout your home.

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports levels of some indoor contaminants being up to five times higher than outdoor concentrations [LINK:]. It’s critical to take action for cleaner indoor air quality inside your home—especially since we spend most of our time indoors!
  • Helping your system reach its full service life: Opting for maintenance services gives your HVAC system the best chance at reaching its entire service life. You’ll be able to catch issues, have them addressed, and enjoy a system that operates to the best of its capabilities

Find a Factory Authorized Dealer for your Maintenance Needs

Even if you can handle many of these maintenance items yourself, it’s a good idea to have one of our Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers visit your home annually and do a thorough inspection and cleaning. It keeps your system’s manufacturer’s warranty intact, as most specify professional maintenance must be performed annually.

Most maintenance services are reasonably priced and much less expensive than an emergency repair. When you are ready to invest in furnace maintenance or have questions about other ways to take care of your heating system, find a dealer today.